Caio Veyron Ian Torres


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by marlins 2 years ago

Want that hooded cock in my mouth!

by throatfucker 2 years ago

One of, if not the hottest, fuck scenes I've ever watched. Enjoyed every minute of watching Caio pound Ian's muscle ass!! Ian is also one of the hottest bottoms I've ever seen. He really knows how to work that ass when he is riding Caio's big cock, and he is what every bottom should be. I couldn't keep my hand off of my own cock while watching this one. Definitely one for the record books!!

by luvdadick 2 years ago

I could swallow that whole thing. I don't understand why these "porn stars" can't. and Caio has the world's most perfect cock, IMO.

by caliente1 2 years ago

15:37... made me cum... hot shit

by slurpngurp12 2 years ago

He needs to throatfuck someone with it!

by 11gtea 2 years ago

Dear Andy, I was welcoming bbaabbyy (not stuey). As for samsex (aka crazy aka.....) - I guess he has a voice himself (rude and anti-social one). Doesn't seem he needs a representative speaker. What he needs is a mental treatment and URGENTLY.

by AndyDC 2 years ago

It wouldn't be his very first post, 11g. Stuey has made at least two, maybe three, prior "arrivals" here - posting two or three items (Usually Spanish) & then disappearing again. Seems like a nice enough guy, but his feelings get hurt rather easily, I'm afraid. Still, I think he'll see that plenty of posts get 5*, not just Crazy's. As for samsex, he deliberatey doesn't post at all and (I believe) is a paid subscriber.

by 11gtea 2 years ago

PS - WELCOME to MCL bbaabbyy. As your first post - Here is lesson num.1: Please NOTE that as a new comer to MCL, you are NOT allowed to get 5* ratings - negated by the MCL TERRORIST clique. Only the Queen of the club called Crazy4cock (aka samsex aka....) is allowed for this crowning privilege here. No worries m8 - look at the faves NOT ratings.

by 11gtea 2 years ago

Each one is entitled to his OWN opinion. stue's preference is no less respectable than others - hence no preaching nor patronizing (as repetitive "puddles" of crazy (aka samsex aka.....)) !! Simply keep humble and dignified in this common space to all of us.

by heurtebise 2 years ago

BINGO! And that, stuey, is what Crazy meant about the 'unengaged' look of the fucking--his main reason for dropping it. (IMO, the only hot fucking is the 4 minutes starting around 12:50.) So I'd rather just watch Crazy's 9-minute cocksucking edit than this full (but ultimately tedious) 24-minute clip.