Idol worship

The young Brazilian, Caio Veyron, TimTales' latest star, looks like a finely sculpted demigod, standing there, just waiting to be serviced and adored--in this case, by another TT newbie, Ian Torres. Although this new scene went on to include fucking, the slightly disengaged attitude of both guys (not to mention the shiny & all-too-obvious presence of the condom) convinced me that an oral-only edition was the best way to present the clip. So this one's all about cocksucking, guys!

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by blackfucker3121 2 years ago


by 11gtea 3 years ago

billbeczala - with all such details, seems like you are sharing with us your very OWN (!) experience in the institute... better sparing it to your rehab sessions (we are not really interested)

by billbeczala 3 years ago

I think the time has come for the hospital staff to put 11g back into his straitjacket. A psychiatric nurse could operate the pc for him & show him the pretty pictures (and wipe all the drool & frothing off his mouth from time to time.) It would be the humane thing to do.

by 11gtea 3 years ago

Andy - and you JUST inadvertently confirmed to all of us the fact that samsex = "crazy"... (undercover - as I correctly claim), otherwise samsex would not have closed the ratings of "crazy".... (read you own comment) simply BRILLIANT m8 !! NOW - the fact of you being the spokesman of BOTH (ahmm)... that's really the cherry on the cake in regard to YOUR "identity" !! Thanks Andy - YOU made my day :-)))

by slurpngurp12 3 years ago

I would deepthroat his cock for 24 hours straight!

by 11gtea 3 years ago

Dear Andy - samsex (aka crazy aka....) is the one ABUSING and after - running away to protect himself??? Of course... That's what cowards do (so Queeny behaviour). Being the speaker for them Andy the second time around - arise the track of being another aka profile.... humm.... worth invetigation

by AndyDC 3 years ago

11g, do you realize that by saying "playing games with me" you inadvertently blurted out the truth: that you are indeed the very sniper he's apparently protecting his ratings from?

by 11gtea 3 years ago

Why did you close the ratings samsex?? (aka crazy aka ....). Do you really want to continue playing games with me? Well..I am sure ready too :-))

by rich719 3 years ago

I'd love to swing on that gorgeous piece of uncut meat!

by chippendalexxll 3 years ago

Really HANDSOME, thx, Crazy..super * * * * *