Blowing Caio Veyron

TimTales has put out another clip just now featuring the recent Brazilian discovery, Caio Veyron. Unfortunately, he isn't very well paired this time, and since the mismatch with Dominique Hansson was especially obvious during the fucking (a section already compromised by a condom), I decided to reduce the whole thing to a five-minute blowjob.

Comments (8)

by sfuboi 2 years ago

I agree that this fem bear is not the most attractive pairing for CV but his rock hard cock seems to be ok with it...

by XYChromo 3 years ago

Yeah, but for maximum hotness, have him do a rematch with Flex Xtremmo! They're incredibly hot together.

by glenmavis 3 years ago

Such a hot clip.

by raymondbamberger 3 years ago

Their bodies just don't belong together. I've seen the whole clip, and the effect was weird & unflattering - particularly in the fucking.

by samsex 3 years ago

You're calling that overweight she-bear a "hunky dude"?

by hotboy007 3 years ago

should have slid it into that hunky dude's ass---all the way in and cum there

by partyboy877 3 years ago

I hope Tim finds a better partner for CV in the next clip--like that studly bottom seen with him in "Very, very Veyron."

by chippendalexxll 3 years ago

very hot and handsome...*****