Monstercock Stud Eduardo Picasso

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Eduardo Picasso a/k/a Edu Master from Hotboys. This is one beautiful large cock.

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by ikerny 7 months ago

Actually, Lauren and Frank were never married. But he apparently had a big one.

by hotboy007 7 months ago

skinny dudes with half their body being dick. yeah, thatz what Lauren Bacall the movie star used to say about the young Frank Sinatra she married: "poor Franky; he weighs just 95lbs.... half of it cock" :)

by robertszvetics 12 months ago


by hungjockb 2 years ago

That is one magnificent dick! But I wish the videographers would capture these colossal cocks at better angles, etc.

by blkchrome 3 years ago

LUV those skinny guys who are aLL DICK!!!!

by buds1125 3 years ago

another hooot 1

by keikobad 3 years ago

There are several good reasons to have the full version of a clip around, but Jackson's isn't one of them. I'm curious. Using the time-bar, can he point out ANY of the "bits we like" that weren't kept in the edited version? I could be wrong, but I'm inclined to doubt it.

by cberard 3 years ago

Unlike Jackson88, I'd rather trust to a knowing editor to get the job done for me--so I can watch hands-free. For instance, you have to push past the first 3 minutes to even get to see a cock in this one, and there are plenty of other dead spots throughout. Watch both versions and you'll appreciate the difference.

by BHAMDIX 3 years ago

BIG MEAT with no young to be so LIMP...........2VIAGRA100 NEEDED

by Jackson88 3 years ago

I prefer the unedited version - we can skip to bits we like. Thanks for uploading it.