12 minutes with Steve

Like an earlier Steve Prior/Ben Armstrong clip I posted in March, this Steve & Kriss scene originally had both sucking & fucking in it. But I've again left footage of the latter on the cutting room floor, and for the same reason: the anti-aphrodisiac sight of that rubber on Steve's majestic shlong. Still, Kriss is just as passionate a cocksucker as he is a bottom, so an oral-only version has plenty of thrills to offer. (Except for a brief teaser from Chipp, this clip doesn't seem to have made it into the archive yet--but If I'm wrong about that, please let me know.)

Comments (3)

by 11gtea 3 years ago

Nice one m8!! We all got a good view (though shorter) of both already in 2014 by Chipp: http://monstercockland.com/media/178320/Sucking_big_cock/

by partyboy877 3 years ago

DAMN! I'd love to get my mouth on that!!!

by AndyDC 3 years ago

Steve's super-thick uncut dick is a genuine work of art.