Re: Colombian Tattoo Guy with Big Dick

"bigdicksebas" (short for Sebastian?) is a beautiful Colombian man for sure. He has a tattoo on his back as well, but why wouldn't he? And he has a beautiful ass which he displays here. He also speaks in the later half of this video with his sexy voice. This is dedicated to "zazie."

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by rich719 3 years ago

That is one gorgeous cock (but I wish he'd settle back more & show it off instead of fiddling with the OTHER equipment.)

by ikerny 3 years ago

by 2hung 3 years ago

can somebody post the ling to his chaturbate page or his name on there so i can tune in for the next show?

by namathnick 3 years ago

JEEZUS, what a dick!!!!

by roccobene 3 years ago

LOL. Relax, Zazie. His friendship with Chipp is strictly Platonic. (He told me so.)

by zazie 3 years ago

@chipp: That's ME he's talking to, so back off, bitch, or I'll scratch you eyes out!

by dinolino30 3 years ago

THANKS! This is a terrific clip!

by 3 years ago

That must have been quite a site when his dick was this huge at 19! Jeez

by chippendalexxll 3 years ago

I've been his friend for more than 4 years..he's unique : great, kind and gorgeous, maybe one day i'll know him personally.....cheers