The new hung big kid on the block

A compilation of Mr. Azygos9's vids on Xtube. That is a huge schlong great to comtemplate at. If he is 'only nine inches', then most monstercocks in this site are no bigger than 7 inches! lol

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by madest 3 months ago

I've seen more intimidating pencils.

by ozwestcoastboy 3 years ago

Azygos9 has a hot new helicopter clip on Xtube:

by mr_ed0950 3 years ago

Im twice his size

by XYChromo 3 years ago

(I actually meant that for one of IM's earlier posts--"The horse and his shlong"--but I'm rating this one five stars too.)

by XYChromo 3 years ago

And horse-nuts too!