Cobra, one of the best cocksuckers in the business, has been most often seen servicing Damien (aka the 'White Latino.') But here we see another instance of his overwhelming 'banana lust' as he works over the curved pingon of an unnamed barrio biggie. (Unless the background sound of the str8 porn the kid is watching doesn't bother you, I suggest you turn down the volume.)

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by XYChromo 3 years ago

Yes, they did. But while ratings can be fucked over, the number of favoritings tells the true story--and they can't fuck with that.

by blojobista 4 years ago

Hmmm... looks like someone fucked over the rating on this one.

by phreddie1 4 years ago

Even a seemingly 'indifferent' Latino piece of trade like this kid is hot as hell.

by argus3906 4 years ago

Soft, this barrio boy looks humungous--hard, merely huge.

by roccobene 4 years ago

You can learn a lot about sucking cock from watching Cobra.

by rich719 4 years ago


by AndyDC 4 years ago

I think he did!

by Polesmoker1 4 years ago

Hot Suck Job ***** Beautiful Cock.
Personally I Would Have Swallowed That Sexy Fucks Load.