Marc Scalvo fucks a blonde

Here's uber-sexy Marc Scalvo in the action clip he did for the "Straight Guys for Gay Eyes" series. I'd originally planned to edit it down--with special attention to the sound track. Believe me, I've nothing against gals, but this twat's hokey squeals & giggles are REALLY irritating (& I bet they were to Scalvo, too), so I'd hoped to eliminate as many as possible. But it proved too difficult to work around them all, so here's the whole clip. (Gotta say, I LOVED his enthusiasm for getting rimmed. Somehow it bolstered my hope that he has--or would--play around with guys, even if not on-screen.)

Comments (5)

by AndyDC 3 years ago

at least her heart (and tongue) were in the right place. His asscrack...

by zazie 3 years ago

Jeezus, that gal IS annoying.

by nanamole 3 years ago

Guys could do him way better

by dinolino30 3 years ago

Meet, too! And to cut straight to his crack, go to 08:45.

by heurtebise 3 years ago

Yeah, that's a sight I've been longing to see: Marc Scalvo with a tongue up his ass!