Wave of Pleasure

That's the title Citebeur gave this scene when it came out a few years ago--no doubt because it was shot in a hotel room overlooking a tropical beach. Featuring the popular 'Cubano' (Alex Franrey) & a highly enthusiastic French bottom, it delivers nonstop action that's memorably hot--and even includes of touch of self-sucking. Jedi77 may have posted it back in 2010, but it's hard to tell since his clip no longer plays, so I decided to upload one that that does. It's really too good to let slip through the cracks.

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by Polesmoker1 3 years ago

How I Love To Fuck *****

by TopTen 4 years ago


by hotboy007 4 years ago

a real 12"

by jamie931 4 years ago

Sex that looks spontaneous & lust-driven

by williebrowne 4 years ago

Fine performers, both! Lots of ability, agility & animal energy...