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Crazy4cock posted this fantastic vid 2 months ago<br /> this is the complete clip about this golden guy......<br /> whose name is ESTEBAN,the sexiest guy with big<br /> enormous cock at the moment,great fucker,a real<br /> insatiable one,giving the most spectacular& even<br /> interesting performances ever seen before......

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by xavierdeep 8 months ago

esteban is a dream come true

by islington 4 years ago

he's actually natural born fucker.....stunning

by bjarneboy 5 years ago


by jelap 5 years ago

Fucked that little bitch good! loved it..I'm next..

by nomajeen 5 years ago

@laperra: they are skinny and short- because dick size doesn't scale with body size... average dicks look huge on skinny, short men.

by caliente1 5 years ago

That bitch can take two big dicks like that... making believe that is hurting when she is really screaming for more dicks...

by guido_bnd 5 years ago

Sexiest video ever!
Both guys are hot as hell

by dickflagg 5 years ago


by Vanbrugh 5 years ago

laperra...what an odd and horrible comment to make! slim/skinny does not = AIDS... try and & get educated on the subject fella!

by laperra 5 years ago

too skinny. looks like he has some AIDS. Cock looks deliciously good, but god he is tooo skinny.