10 Inch, Fat Cocked Amateur Couple 4-Some

This is a couple on Chaturbate.com. They go by 'partyplayers' there. I've watched several of their broadcasts and boy, do they give a hell of a show. The guy has a huge cock. It's fat, long, has a curve to it (similar to Castro) and has a huge knob on it. In this one, they invite another couple over. It is very intriguing seeing the comparison between the guys. The other guy is big (by normal standards) but is dwarfed next to Lance. And the other guy's girlfriend is obviously amazed, as she's always trying to take a glance at the huge thing. If you enjoy this vid, you should look them up on Chaturbate and follow them...and if you happen to catch one of their shows, consider leaving them a tip. This is amateur porn at it's best. They also have some of their videos for sell there.

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by ntap 7 months ago

what's the name of the blonde girl please?

by ubudabiwuba 1 year ago


by iamhungbig 2 years ago

where is the 10 incher? LMFAO

by Cascooter 4 years ago

That is a beautiful piece of meat

by bauerrr 4 years ago

OMG makes that normal cock look tiny!!!

by thefman86 4 years ago

Amazing video!

by SDPartyGuy 4 years ago

huge cock

by americankiller 4 years ago


by crwtvl 5 years ago

that man has a big ole dick

by mwlsu89 5 years ago

@farfal123...That's what they said on stream...and I've never actually seen him fully hard. I personally believe he's no smaller than 8.5. 10? I don't know, but HUGE regardless.