Best 3D Animation - Girlfriends 4ever

Womb-Wecker uploaded the trailer for this scene yesterday. After watching it, I was very intrigued. I normally don't like 3d animation porn, but this one is superb, by far the best I've seen. It's not perfect, the lip syncing is off, but really that's all that's wrong with this scene. The characters are amazing with great detail and movement. Definitely worth the watch, even if you think you're not into this sort of thing. Also, I have to protect the rating. It is what it is. Enjoy! :)

Comments (41)

by Sagy4444 1 year ago

I wish Ayako added some Italian words at every stroke

by dukaagdoveh 2 years ago

i just wish the moans were timed with the thrusts

by sssaul 2 years ago

perfecto muuuy mmmuyy excitante

by darkaf 3 years ago

so damn hot

by bcnevada 3 years ago

Still the hottest thing I have ever seen!

by THOTTY 3 years ago


by madness190 4 years ago

I like to see a girl fuck another girl :)))))))))
anyone wanna suck my dick ????

by niko099 4 years ago

im a 15 year old kid I cum to this 10 times a day so sexy

by manatee777 4 years ago

so hot/only 3 things i would have added/bigger aereolas/brown stain around the bumhole and uncut cock that head comes out and goes back in /got my cock hard

by redscar360 4 years ago

im gonna be there asshole right now.....Whats the name of the song in the beginning...btw greats animated porn ive ever seen