In a 1992 scene bound to titillate 4-skin freaks & glory hole aficionados, humpy gay4pay Blade Thompson plays an undercover cop who lures cute Amerasian twink Jordan Young into a T-room encounter. Instead of busting him, however, the fuzz fucks the kid silly, then lets him off with a warning--hardly grateful that his lusciously uncut meat has just been given the kind of passionate & highly detailed adoration it deserves by an eager mouth and ass.

Comments (3)

by fantasy264 4 years ago

Video is down. :(

by bigdonato 7 years ago

Blade not only had a big, beautiful uncut piece, but a beautifully round & rimmable ass, too! Hot stuff! Gay4pay, yes--but he's one who really earned his pay!

by jamesdee 7 years ago

had lots of tea room sex.......until aids.....the cops closed ALL of them.............would have love to suck that uncut beauty with or without a glory hole!!!!!!!!!!!