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Julie Rage and Huge Negro cock Mr Big
Added: 20th June 2008
Posted By: big10indc
Views: 11498
Comments: 27

Pretty Julie gets her tiny pussy ripped open by this big black bucks cock. You know he is splitting her pussy in two, literally how the fuck is she going to fit his 12 inch black prick in her tiny twat.

Tags: 12 inches, black blonde interracial monster gigantic.
Thickest Girth cock
Added: 21st June 2008
Posted By: big10indc
Views: 11000
Comments: 23

This dude has a cock so thick you'd swear it was going to split this cute asian girl in half.

Tags: Gigantic thick black
MANDINGO - Pussy Splitter !
Added: 15th October 2008
Posted By: JamPowerButt
Views: 4922
Comments: 6

MANDINGO splits open that WHITE pussy with his BIG BLACK MONSTER DICK !!

Tags: Interracial Big Black MonsterDick
black ass splitter
Added: 7th November 2008
Posted By: Dawn_Davenport
Views: 1692
Comments: 4

blonde gets huge black dick in the ass

Tags: black anal
Lupe & Paco 1
Added: 25th October 2010
Posted By: AndyDC
Views: 6132
Comments: 8

Ever since last June, when I posted "Little Lupe thinks big," I've wanted to bring her back in more action--particularly with one of her steady boyfriends, the heavy-hung stud I'd decided to call Paco. And here they are--this time in a longer scene, one I've split into two postings to give you...

Tags: Little Lupe Paco massive Latino uncut sucking fucking
Danny Dong & Debbie White
Added: 24th May 2011
Posted By: mwlsu89
Views: 10009
Comments: 13

Scene from "Sorry Daddy, Whitezilla Split My Little Asshole!"

Tags: big, huge, long, fat, thick, hung, monster, cock, dick, whitezilla, danny dong
Promises to keep 2
Added: 21st June 2011
Posted By: crazy4cock
Views: 6177
Comments: 13

Here's the continuation of the Caio Macedo scene. [I've had a lot of problems in getting it to you. My first attempt--a single 26-minute posting--ended with the dreaded and still unexplained 'white screen' syndrome. Yanking it and splitting it into two parts worked out only slightly better:...

Tags: Caio Macedo Idmilson Brazilian donkeydick uncut sucking fucking
Aleshandre gives his all 2/5
Added: 5th December 2010
Posted By: heurtebise
Views: 1320
Comments: 0

Although the .asf version of this clip I have (a fine, clear image at only 48 MB) would have fit nicely into a single MCL posting, that format doesn't seem to be accommodated here, despite its inclusion in the list. So, after 4 unsuccesful tries with the .asf, I had to recopy it on MMCapture...

Tags: Aleshandre Brazilian huge uncut jo
Added: 25th January 2010
Posted By: markee8
Views: 6125
Comments: 2


ass ripper
Added: 6th December 2010
Posted By: zekef1
Views: 2776
Comments: 1

fat splitter

Tags: fat
alot of trouble
Added: 6th December 2010
Posted By: zekef1
Views: 3758
Comments: 3

throat splitter

Tags: blowjob