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Added: 11th July 2009
Posted By: turner_011
Views: 3191
Comments: 7

The vid has a very soft focus but the long fat dick isn't hard to see. It's a beauty. Long and fat is a perfect combination. And I like that the guy seems so playful, not taking the camera or his 2-hander too seriously. Nice! 2:28

Tags: fat cock, long
Soft to Hard BJ
Added: 19th July 2009
Views: 3134
Comments: 3

Nice soft to hard bj with a big cock

Tags: blowjob big
sitting soft
Added: 16th October 2009
Posted By: Top9x7
Views: 2705
Comments: 6

short clip

Tags: monster, semi
Shower Teen HUGE soft cock
Added: 21st December 2009
Posted By: supernova
Views: 19433
Comments: 11

A lovely young teen on video by hidden camera, just out of shower getting his clothes on, is it me or is this a adorible teen boy?

Tags: teen young huge monster shower big
Amazing Cock On A Amazing Teen Boy
Added: 22nd February 2010
Posted By: supernova
Views: 20770
Comments: 16

This is so great ! Cute teen boy on webcam, strips, shows soft cock, and then his cock doesn't stop growing ! Amazing cock on a amazig teen boy ! sorry for the quality, but it's more then worth it !

Tags: teen big huge twink hung young monster cock monstercock
Webcam SOFT Monster
Added: 8th May 2010
Posted By: lisaworld
Views: 3545
Comments: 5

The relevant detail is the cock is totally soft.... look the size !

Tags: webcam
Hot Penetration
Added: 20th September 2011
Posted By: lisaworld
Views: 2045
Comments: 3

big but softly

Tags: webcam
daltronn strip
Added: 21st February 2012
Posted By: daltronn9inches
Views: 14349
Comments: 2

watch skinny boy daltronn strip and play with his huge soft cock with oil

Tags: daltronn dalton dickey monster cock teen young twink smooth muscles cock huge
Added: 4th October 2014
Posted By: Top9x7
Views: 1291
Comments: 1


Tags: huge cock
Cuban Superman
Added: 19th August 2007
Posted By: Zot57
Views: 44388
Comments: 30

The story is this guy was part of a seedy Havana burlesque show, he would have sex with farm animals on stage. He would have preferred a women, but his erection was roughly the size of a two liter soda bottle, and he could only enter a woman when soft. Since the age of 14 he could only have sex...

Tags: monster huge
Hung In College
Added: 19th August 2007
Posted By: Zot57
Views: 30549
Comments: 8

This guy is so hung that even soft, he's amazing

Tags: monster huge twink soft
me soft / meiner schlaff
Added: 31st August 2007
Posted By: darius
Views: 3012
Comments: 1

its me / das bin ich

Tags: young hung