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More of Mariohunk
Added: 16th September 2014
Posted By: partyboy877
Views: 6716
Comments: 10

Here's quite a long bit of composite webcam footage of InternationalMuscle's new sweetheart. (And, like IM's last post, it includes a cumshot, too.)

Tags: Mariohunk cammer Romanian muscles huge uncut lowhangers cumshot
Marc Scalvo camming
Added: 1st October 2014
Posted By: jamie931
Views: 1115
Comments: 2

Here's how this big & burly stud first came to widespread notice back in 2010, camming from his room at college. I assume it's from a Cam4 session done around the same time as meatpackbubba's clip, even though the site logo seems to have been cropped out here. Once again he glazes his abs with...

Tags: Marc Scalvo big & beefy hung thick jacking webcam cumshot
The Birkin enigma
Added: 1st October 2014
Posted By: papagallo222
Views: 6044
Comments: 13

This puzzlement began over 2 years ago, when I posted "Not ready for his CU." I recently picked up on it again with "What has gone before" and "He's ready when you are." Now we have the subject of all this build-up--one Joel Birkin--shown at length in a photoshoot that turns into a jacking...

Tags: Joel Birkin BA long uncut lowhangers photshoot JO solo cumshot
Invitation to dalliance
Added: 12th October 2014
Posted By: XYChromo
Views: 1111
Comments: 3

The most popular Latino sites have been short on talent for quite a while now, so this young Angeleno came as a pleasant surprise the other day. 'Raptor,' despite his name, seems far more polite than predatory as he does his soft-spoken best to seduce you. But he's no shrinking violet, either....

Tags: Raptor LA Latino big jacking cumshot instant replay
True two-hander
Added: 14th October 2014
Posted By: sexualtourist
Views: 11236
Comments: 17

I don't believe this party-size schwanz is in the archive, but I can't think of any efficient way of finding out. All I remember about the clip is getting it from a source who had 'carved' him out of a larger picture where he's interacting with a gal on some cam site. To me, his strong suit is...

Tags: two-hand webcam dick xtrthick uncut
The man who got away
Added: 15th October 2014
Posted By: partyboy877
Views: 2631
Comments: 9

Olivier De Long is a handsome & heavy-hung stud who flashed across our radar screens in February, 2013. never to be seen again. A str8 Quebecois construction worker, he did a solo clip that helped launch 'Men of Montreal,' and the ever-alert Marty Rice posted nearly 5 minutes of it here within...

Tags: Olivier De Long Oliver DeLong French-Canadian huge uncut extrathick jacking cumshot
Nothing succeeds like excess
Added: 28th October 2014
Posted By: AndyDC
Views: 7013
Comments: 27

Oscar Wilde said it first: "Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess." And Muscle Eddie seems determined to find out if Oscar was right. The results, so far, are wildly controversial, and for every Eddie fan who has posted some of his clips & pix (International Muscle, Marty...

Tags: Muscle Eddie megadick silicone humungous uncut muscles tats jacking cumshot
The revelation
Added: 18th December 2014
Posted By: 19guy
Views: 6211
Comments: 1890

Hello everybody. Ive been a member of this site for years now but was never brave enough to publish a video of mine. This is a short one I had in my computer back when I was 22yo. Im more than willing to make friends here specially if you are in Brazil.

Tags: monstercock brazilian bulge thick
Kenreg fucks a fleshlight
Added: 23rd December 2014
Posted By: zorrofan
Views: 1845
Comments: 26

While there are nine or ten good pictures of Kenreg on the site, only a single video has been posted so far--a fine one by evhans back in April. This clip isn't as long and, unfortunately, doesn't finish with a splashy money shot. But it gives us a nice clear view of his dick--both in and out of...

Tags: Kenreg BBC showing jacking fleshlight-fucking
Thick-dicked Russian
Added: 23rd December 2014
Posted By: zorrofan
Views: 2545
Comments: 8

I don't think this cammer has made his way onto the site yet, but if he has, let me know. (That pube trim looks as if it was done to secure a tight fit for a vacuum pump cylinder.)

Tags: Russian uncut curved jacking cumshot
Hot cocks
Added: 18th January 2015
Posted By: chippendalexxll
Views: 1495
Comments: 0

Big fat cock in action : wanking great and great cum.... hot clip---There are technical problems on the site, I told Patrick about this fact; I can neither comment, nor add favourites and score disappears...and you ?

Tags: Big fat cocks, wanking, huge cumming
Hats off, gentlemen!
Added: 19th January 2015
Posted By: crazy4cock
Views: 1757
Comments: 9

A superstar! When I posted Zac DeHaan's two-part scene with Jack Harrer in mid-December, I wondered if I was going too far in calling him 'alarmingly gorgeous.' Today, watching his new interview/jo solo clip, I realized I hadn't gone far enough. So, joining the collective swoon that has just...

Tags: BA Zac DeHaan Hungarian big thick uncut jacking