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huge and siliconed
Added: 4th January 2010
Posted By: Pumperaid
Views: 4688
Comments: 17

Philmore and Dave going at it in the gym with their stonking dicks.

Tags: siliconed bloated massive huge dick
Blowing Mr. 9 x 9
Added: 4th December 2009
Posted By: phreddie1
Views: 10083
Comments: 18

Here's Mukhtar Safarov offering his siliconed meat to an ambitious cocksucker. Muk's dick--which someone rightly said looks more like a buttplug than a monstercock--won't be to everyone's taste, but girth-lovers will probably enjoy watching his buddy try chowing down on it. If 'thick is your...

Tags: Mukhtar Safarov huge silicon blowjob
Bulge, wank and J.O.
Added: 18th January 2010
Posted By: muscledhung
Views: 276
Comments: 2

My last video with 160cc of silicone in my ballsac. In the next you will see my new size! Lets grow huge!!!

The real thing
Added: 22nd August 2010
Posted By: phreddie1
Views: 13902
Comments: 17

Not long ago, superhung Ben Andrews joined that select band of pornstars whose pride and joy has been immortalized in dildo form. But Kain Warn apparently accepts no substitutes! In this scene from 'Wall Street' (less famous but hardly less passionate than the subway suckathon with Rafael...

Tags: Ben Andrews horsehung uncut blowjob ballsucking facial
Bubble Butt taking cock
Added: 17th July 2011
Posted By: bghorseboy
Views: 1392
Comments: 2

Silicone assed man teasing a big dick

Tags: Muscle, Bubble, Butt, Silicone
big eddie solo cum
Added: 13th September 2014
Posted By: miguelito5
Views: 6746
Comments: 10

big eddie solo

Tags: big cock silicone mega super giant dick eddie
Added: 21st September 2010
Posted By: billy-balls
Views: 2300
Comments: 2

Sex and comedy with a strongman and two augmented hood hos.

Tags: Sledgehammer, muscle,uncut, hood hos, balls, low hangers, ball sucking, double team,silicone tits, phat booty, cum swap, cum kiss
Philmores silicone monster
Added: 10th February 2009
Posted By: hungbubblebutt
Views: 5703
Comments: 13

Huge siliconed dick.

Tags: silicone pumped monster
Freak Cock
Added: 19th March 2009
Posted By: hungbubblebutt
Views: 12959
Comments: 29

Philmore showing off his siliconed freak monster dick and pumped hole.

Tags: Silicone Freak Monster
Re: Hot siliconed guy 2
Added: 1st August 2009
Posted By: Twoaddicted2dick
Views: 3160
Comments: 3

you have to understand this fetish to appreciate it fully - the obsession with make your male genitals larger, bigger, girthier, huge to the point of unbelievable - to me, that makes my boner rock hard...totally love your vids and your sharing your huge manmeat with us man! Thanks!!!!

Tags: fetish, huge genitals
Pumped cock
Added: 11th October 2010
Posted By: filmster
Views: 18563
Comments: 26

Big muscle guy likes to show us his pumped cock. I know it's grotesque to some of you, but please be respectful--some people are into this ;).

Tags: muscle muscular balls pecs cam bodybuilder pump silicone
monstercock shemale
Added: 14th March 2011
Posted By: alfonso
Views: 7985
Comments: 10

yasmine or adriana,shemale escort is workin in germany,cock is filled with silicone--soft it looks bigger than hard---a real big hanging monster

Tags: shemale escort monster