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Bonne anniversaire, Nick!
Added: 31st May 2012
Posted By: crazy4cock
Views: 8796
Comments: 8

The one & only Nick--that monstercocksman from Montreal--turned 27 the other day, so, in his honor, I've edited a clip that doesn't seem to be in the archive anyway. Here, he frisks arround with his favorite playmate, Melissa Doll, and a friend she invited over to share his abundance of toys....

Tags: Nick Montreal stripper donkey-dicked uncut lowhangers sucking fucking MFF
Plenty to share
Added: 21st August 2012
Posted By: crazy4cock
Views: 4839
Comments: 6

Nick, the Montreal pornstud credited as Nick Nude--and called 'Nick the Dick' when dancing at the Stock-Bar--shot only a few dozen clips before exiting both scenes at the age of 25. Cool to the point of aloof with his male admirers, he was a hopeless romantic when it came to women, and a...

Tags: Nick Nude French-Canadian horsehung uncut MFF sucking
Another true monstercock
Added: 12th December 2013
Posted By: XYChromo
Views: 4670
Comments: 4

Apropos of monstercock authenticity, I'd like to bring up another example: Nick the Dick's perfect piece of meat. Nick, a one-time star of the Stock-Bar, Montreal's famous strip joint, made about two dozen str8 porn clips (as 'Nick Nude') before his retirement from the scene four years ago. This...

Tags: Nick Nude Nick the Dick French-Canadian huge uncut lowhangers MFF sucking
Canadian Colossus
Added: 22nd August 2009
Posted By: crazy4cock
Views: 6076
Comments: 14

If magnificent uncut meat is what you crave, Montreal was the place to be twenty minutes ago, when Nick took to the StockBar stage to feed that hunger. His belle zezette is one reason why they call Quebec "la belle province."

Tags: Nick French-Canadian stripper horsehung uncut lowhangers
"A force of nature"
Added: 27th December 2008
Posted By: crazy4cock
Views: 5141
Comments: 7

Earlier this evening at Montreal's StockBar, Nick prepared for his second number, aided, not by a fluffer, but an overhead DVD. (The 'twins,' hanging out together as usual, looked especially festive.) So engrossed was he by the video that he almost forgot to go onstage--but he eventually did,...

Tags: Nick horsehung uncut stripper
Friday night fever
Added: 11th April 2009
Posted By: crazy4cock
Views: 3721
Comments: 5

Legendary stripper Nick is seen onstage and off at Montreal's Stock Bar earlier this evening.

Tags: Nick huge uncut stripper Stock
Showtime at the Stock Bar
Added: 19th September 2009
Posted By: crazy4cock
Views: 3680
Comments: 2

Nick ('The Dick') a half-hour ago, before and during his first show of the evening at Montreal's legendary strip club. (As he exits, he tips his cap to Jedi, his most devoted fan.)

Tags: Nick horsecock uncut big balls stripper
Ce soir au Stock-Bar
Added: 26th July 2009
Posted By: crazy4cock
Views: 3335
Comments: 4

Here's pornstud/stripper Nick, seen earlier this evening showing his stuff at Montreal's legendary temple of the dance.

Tags: Nick huge uncut bigballs stripping
Handjob & a nice hot bath
Added: 5th December 2009
Posted By: papagallo222
Views: 5918
Comments: 10

From the site where guys wear masks even when they don't need to, here are outtakes of a clip with 'Ricky,' a cute & hung French Canadian who used to dance (as 'Jay,' then 'Mark') at Montreal's famous strip club, the StockBar. (You can see him share an onstage shower with Nick the Dick in a...

Tags: handjob big&uncut bathtub
Midnight in Montreal
Added: 3rd October 2009
Posted By: crazy4cock
Views: 2126
Comments: 2

A little while ago, as Friday turned into Saturday, Nick the Dick took to the StockBar stage for his second number.

Tags: Nick stripper huge uncut bigballs
Black & Blue in Montreal
Added: 11th October 2009
Posted By: crazy4cock
Views: 3490
Comments: 1

Anyone sitting too close to the StockBar stage tonight risked getting bruised by Nick the Dick, as he swung his meat around at the midnight show.

Tags: Nick the Dick huge uncut bigballs stripper
Bringing home the bacon
Added: 6th November 2009
Posted By: crazy4cock
Views: 4002
Comments: 6

The CANADIAN bacon, that is--& it's Nick the Dick who brings it home to you in the live feed from Montreal's storied StockBar. (Last Monday, the cameraman kept his eyes on the prize during most of Nick's second dance.)

Tags: Nick stripper huge uncut balls