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11 inches ?
Added: 30th August 2007
Posted By: rokit
Views: 12987
Comments: 2


Tags: big measure
just under 12 inches
Added: 30th August 2007
Posted By: rokit
Views: 19217
Comments: 5


Tags: huge measure
dick vs shaving can
Added: 03rd September 2007
Posted By: rokit
Views: 6125
Comments: 3


Tags: measure
biggest cock ever
Added: 17th January 2008
Posted By: likesitbig
Views: 43219
Comments: 46

I know the quality is bad, but you have to see it anyway because it is a 15 inch cock. Yes, really. He measures it on cam.

Tags: biggest 15inch horse cock
Measure up
Added: 13th February 2008
Posted By: Rockabs
Views: 30398
Comments: 10

A gorgeous women size comparing

Tags: monster cocks
Measuring the tool
Added: 21st June 2008
Posted By: loquillo
Views: 14247
Comments: 5

A young boy measuring his dick flaccid and erect

Tags: big dick young boy measure
Added: 9th August 2008
Posted By: punkchump
Views: 2403
Comments: 2


Tags: big cock thick penis dick measure size
Measuring CASTRO
Added: 17th December 2008
Posted By: shikamaru
Views: 10341
Comments: 15

a shocked girl measures Castro's cock

Tags: huge cock measure
girlfriend likes to measure his big dick
Added: 31st March 2011
Posted By: aasmith
Views: 10468
Comments: 8


Tags: measure big
Mkeycrash 5
Added: 31st August 2007
Posted By: Zot57
Views: 22023
Comments: 7

Horsehung teen

Tags: monster huge twink measure
Added: 20th September 2007
Posted By: BigDickTops
Views: 7240
Comments: 2

This awesome cock rocks. Huge mushroom head. It's thickest point about 6.5in is 1/3 down the shaft from the head, then it'd uniform about 6in around down to the base. It measures about 9.6inch in length.

Tags: hung monstercock fuck mushroom head thick
My cock
Added: 27th September 2007
Posted By: Johnneil
Views: 2839
Comments: 2


Tags: measured