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Teen Boy gang falcon Trusted 2
Added: 30th April 2008
Posted By: boyuk07
Views: 7696
Comments: 3

Boy gets it like he should!

Tags: boy, group, huge, men, hard, force, thrust, massive, muscle
Phallic Totem
Added: 20th June 2008
Posted By: bender4fun
Views: 29235
Comments: 15

OMG, if ever there was a such thing as a phallic totem worthy of worship this is it. I would love to lick, kiss that LONG beauty and deepthroat it to the base.

Tags: long, huge, giant, massive, monster, longest, worship
babyboy fucks white faggot
Added: 24th June 2009
Posted By: sdbusinessman
Views: 6221
Comments: 3

White dude lays on is back legs up for his black stud and what a cock this brutha has! OMG serious
long black cock taking this white mans ASS!

Tags: interracial, gay, anal, massive, huge, black cock
Biggest Dicks On The Net! Pt. III
Added: 21st September 2010
Posted By: mwlsu89
Views: 19076
Comments: 34

My 3rd installment. If you would like the full scenes from any of the clips in my vids, send me a message requesting the ones you want. Also, if you have or know any vids I can use in my next one, please let me know. Hope you enjoy! :)

Tags: big, huge, long, fat, massive, giant, monster, dick, cock
Huge Cock Shared FFM
Added: 16th July 2011
Posted By: bender4fun
Views: 3661
Comments: 1

Wow..what a huge cock. This guy has amazing length. Too bad the girls did not really know how to suck it. I would have deepthroated to the pubes.

Tags: huge, long, monster, hung, babes, massive, lesbian, bisexual
Added: 31st July 2011
Posted By: xsuckx
Views: 2585
Comments: 1


Tags: big, monster, massive, hung, huge
Long Cock Worship - 28cm Monster
Added: 9th November 2012
Posted By: longcockluvr
Views: 7425
Comments: 4

Video of an extremely lucky guy worshiping a really, really long monster cock. The guys amazing cock is 11in/28cm. I would love to have the opportunity to worship on that monster. Only thing I would have done differently, is not wear that stupid mask. I would want everyone to see my face...

Tags: huge, long, monster, massive, humongous, giant, horse, donkey, deepthroat, amazing, lucky
Sucking Long White Monster Cock
Added: 16th November 2012
Posted By: longcockluvr
Views: 1972
Comments: 2

WHAT A WASTE! This stupid cunt does not know how to suck cock and did not really want to be sucking his cock. She was there simply to make a buck and did not appreciate this monster cock. I on the other hand, would pay to suck this long white monster. I would savor every wonderful inch and...

Tags: giant, huge, hung, long, massive, monster, white
Petite Asian Babe -vs- Long White Monster Cock
Added: 15th November 2012
Posted By: longcockluvr
Views: 8622
Comments: 1

Petite Asian Babe -vs- Long White Monster Cock

Tags: giant, horse, huge, hung, long, massive, monster, white
Wanna Try?
Added: 17th September 2013
Posted By: Gay
Views: 3753
Comments: 10

I know this video is probably on here and I know I'm gonna get shitty comments of "yeah this video is on here" "just another repeat" "not a huge cock" "boring" Thanks guys got it! But the reason why I am uploading it again because I want to know what the guys name is and know if he has more...

Tags: gay, huge, massive, solo
Long Huge Pole
Added: 18th September 2013
Posted By: Gay
Views: 2557
Comments: 3

I had this video on here and it somehow got deleted. If this isn't a MONSTER COCK to you all I don't know what isn't!

Tags: gay, huge, massive, solo
Long White Horse Cock
Added: 4th December 2013
Posted By: longcockluvr
Views: 4072
Comments: 2

I would love to deep-throat this long white horse cock..

Tags: Big, Giant, Huge, Hung, Long, Massive, Monster