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BeerCan Thick Dick!!
Added: 04th October 2007
Posted By: longhorse9
Views: 24651
Comments: 7

Pumped up as thick as a beercan baby!!

Tags: pumped huge massive girth fat donkeydick selfsuck wristthick bloated wang dong
Added: 8th October 2011
Posted By: LongCockLuver
Views: 22806
Comments: 25

Watch this amazing huge donkey dick stud deepthroat his own cock!

Tags: donkey, horse, huge, long, monster, selfsuck, autofellation, giant
my fat 10x10 penis
Added: 9th December 2008
Posted By: johndonk
Views: 5049
Comments: 3


Tags: donkeydick
Teen with a huge dick
Added: 10th February 2009
Posted By: Internationalmuscle
Views: 4126
Comments: 2

At least 18 he says.

Tags: hung big large monstercock horsehung donkeydick
Chad Hunt sucked
Added: 10th February 2009
Posted By: Internationalmuscle
Views: 3859
Comments: 1

FRom the net.

Tags: huge monstercock donkeydick horsehung large XXL thick
16.5 inches
Added: 25th February 2010
Posted By: bigsoft
Views: 11030
Comments: 10

my huge monterous 16.5 inch horse cock. a guy that worked with horses once told me my cock was bigger than a full size pony. so i guess its safe to say i have a real horse cock or donkey dick, which ever turns u on more.

Tags: horse cock donkeydick huge monterous 16.5 inch horse pony
Dirty graffiti
Added: 12th September 2009
Posted By: phreddie1
Views: 11286
Comments: 6

I was surprised this wasn't in the archive: a bit of Trevor Yates action from 'Graffiti'--one of his first for BA, after he had finally left his Pavel Grosse identity behind. Whatta juicy piece of meat, folks! And that voracious cocksucker (bless him) is a stand-in for quite a few of us here,...

Tags: Trevor Yates Pavel Grosse BA Czech donkeydick uncut bigballs ballsucking
The huge dick continues to plow
Added: 1st February 2009
Posted By: Internationalmuscle
Views: 7536
Comments: 6

Continuation of the vid with Rafael Allencar.

Tags: brazil huge hung horsehung donkeydick fucking sucking
Look, Ma, no hands!
Added: 9th June 2009
Posted By: crazy4cock
Views: 23936
Comments: 9

Niall Phoenix gives Trevor Yates one of those mouth-only blowjobs rarely attempted by even the best of cocksuckers when working on such a biggie. Indeed, the only hand involved seems to be Trevor's own, just before blast-off.

Tags: Trevor Yates Pavel Grosse donkeydick uncut blowjob
Titch does a threeway
Added: 15th October 2009
Posted By: papagallo222
Views: 10831
Comments: 11

Well, it's technically a threeway since there are two other guys in the scene--but Titch Jones, not surprisingly, is the center of attention. (I really should know who the others are and I'm sorry I don't. But maybe some of you will be kind enough to ID them for us.)

Tags: Titch Jones donkeydick superhung UK twink uncut
Best-value meal
Added: 28th May 2011
Posted By: crazy4cock
Views: 9306
Comments: 9

Shorter versions of this classic clip (sometimes much shorter ones) have turned up over the years--in such postings as this one by phreddie1: http://monstercockland.com/media/71326/Brazilian_bazooka_boy/. It's one of few gay scenes featuring Caio Macedo (aka Idmilson)--a Brazilian who, like his...

Tags: Caio Macedo Idmilson Brazilian donkeydick uncut sucking bb fucking
Taking a load off his balls
Added: 9th November 2009
Posted By: phreddie1
Views: 4593
Comments: 1

An alfresco vignette of Rafael Alencar getting sucked off by a buddy.

Tags: Rafael Alencar Brazilian donkeydick uncut blowjob