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Re-opening the XL Files 28
Added: 3rd February 2011
Posted By: papagallo222
Views: 3685
Comments: 4

Here's a kid with the most hallowed and emblematic of BA names--Lukas--though, even if he's Lukas VII or Lukas VIII, he's probably not a scion of the Royal House of Ridgeston. This Lukas, 22 at the time of his audition, worked as a stripper and had a passionate interest in racing bikes &...

Tags: BA XLFiles Eastern European uncut jo
Added: 10th February 2011
Posted By: FreakMuscleXXL
Views: 5626
Comments: 19

Mick calls himself a top but admits that he likes to get fucked from time to time. He says it depends on the guy, "As long as he's bigger than me, I'll consider it!" The video starts with a close-up of this Italian twink's beautiful face as he works his cock through his jeans. The camera work is...

Tags: Mick Roberts
Re-opening the XL Files 32
Added: 21st March 2011
Posted By: papagallo222
Views: 3242
Comments: 2

Freddie, if anyone, deserves to be called "the one who got away" from BA's permanent roster. Despite his exotic beauty (those eyes!) and truly outstanding equipment, he was apparently too shy & uptight to make a go of it in porn. Luckily, however, the archive holds a unique memento of him in...

Tags: BA XLFiles Eastern European huge&uncut lowhangers
trini big cock
Added: 4th May 2011
Posted By: aasmith
Views: 1485
Comments: 3

sucky ass quality but you can see that huge cock

Tags: huge thick cock
Want some?
Added: 10th March 2011
Posted By: XYChromo
Views: 4194
Comments: 3

That's Berto asking if you'd like to sample his choice morronga--which he's ready to stick "down your throat or up your ass," as you prefer. This cock-proud papi from the Brooklyn is a marquee name in LatinoFanClub and BigCity videos--having won the kind of popularity you don't achieve by being...

Tags: Berto Latino nuyorican trade horsedick uncut jacking
Cock Stroking In The Dorm
Added: 11th March 2011
Views: 2368
Comments: 14

Just stroking between classes..

Tags: webcam,stroking,hung,cum
Is this big enough for you?
Added: 12th March 2011
Posted By: scartoonstar
Views: 3476
Comments: 18

webcam wank

Tags: hung massive dick thick cock monster
Added: 16th March 2011
Posted By: billy-balls
Views: 6375
Comments: 17

Hot twink dude's Zen has not been contemplating his navel- he has centered his energy & lifeforce in his cock and asshole. He thrusts his hips trying to slap his belly with his long rigid downcurved cock & busts his nut in free air!

Tags: autosexual, twink, hands free, cum, jo, downcurved, cock big cock long cock
Added: 17th March 2011
Posted By: billy-balls
Views: 2904
Comments: 7

Some yrs back I experimented with self fucking. Don't bottom & don't dildo so the nuts up the ass hurt like hell. -Vanbrugh gave + comment on a similar clip. Curmudgeons will gripe I am sure.

Tags: billy-balls, self-fuck, nuts, balls, nut fuck, balls fuck, dick in ass, nuts in ass
pool anyone?
Added: 25th March 2011
Posted By: nastyman4fun
Views: 689
Comments: 2

ass play with pool balls

Tags: ass play
Tommy9x6 #16 - Jaw Breaker
Added: 1st September 2012
Posted By: airbair1
Views: 457
Comments: 4

From my Tommy9x6 collection (the original size of the video was 720x480 but it had to be compressed so it would not pass the upload limit of 100MB)

Tags: Tommy9x6 big dick cum
Added: 29th March 2011
Posted By: thicklongdick
Views: 1518
Comments: 3

A vid I came across

Tags: thick long dick huge cum ass solo