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wanna see more?
Added: 13th October 2007
Posted By: bigbasti
Views: 10888
Comments: 5

let me know and send me a message here on monstercocktube.

Tags: xxl hunk
Added: 16th December 2009
Posted By: turner_011
Views: 14181
Comments: 6

This is a re-post of "Hung Str8 Buds Jacking Together" posted by CURIOUS ELLIOT. @ married friends are having another casual gettogether. I like the regular guy male bonding message it sends, how down to earth these 2 guys are, and their great cocks.

Tags: buds, long, thick
Meet Cole the Pole!
Added: 6th June 2010
Posted By: t_winkz
Views: 12857
Comments: 28

Red-Hot Sexy Mother Fucker - Thats all I have to say about this twink. Whatch and you'll see what I mean. What a show this kid puts on for us. He's so beautiful and can captivate anyone's attention if not with his huge cock and beautifully sculpted body at least with his model-worthy face and...

Tags: beautiful twink cole young hung huge cock toned body showingoff big dick jerking jacking wanking solo jack off session jerkoff j/o cum load jizz cumshot t_winkz
Biggest Dicks On The Net! Pt. III
Added: 21st September 2010
Posted By: mwlsu89
Views: 19074
Comments: 34

My 3rd installment. If you would like the full scenes from any of the clips in my vids, send me a message requesting the ones you want. Also, if you have or know any vids I can use in my next one, please let me know. Hope you enjoy! :)

Tags: big, huge, long, fat, massive, giant, monster, dick, cock
Big Cock Reactions VIII
Added: 20th February 2011
Posted By: mwlsu89
Views: 42202
Comments: 24

Ok, another addition to my 'Big Cock Reaction" series. Sorry its been so long since the last one, it's just been really hard, I've been busy and chatroulette won't allow manycam anymore, so I'm left with omegle, which is very aggravating due to the captcha thing. But people have been messaging me...

Tags: webcam, reactions, big, huge, hung, long, fat, thick, monster, cock, dick
Count Dracula (or Jack Napier)
Added: 31st March 2011
Posted By: mwlsu89
Views: 6510
Comments: 8

This is a Reality Kings - Money Talks scene and I uploaded this for 3 Reasons. 1. This is hilarious to me, lol. I think Jacks acting is so horrible it's brilliant. 2. Jack has a cock very fitting for this site. It's a MONSTER. 3. Havoc is amazing. I love her. She's gorgeous, sexy, nasty, and I...

Tags: big, huge, hung, long, fat, thick, monster, cock, dick
Big Cock Reactions XII
Added: 3rd April 2012
Posted By: mwlsu89
Views: 113389
Comments: 42

Since my last reaction video I've gotten a Mac. Huge upgrade over what I had. I love it. I also found a program with the mac that makes my dick look thicker without it being too noticeable. If you have a mac and would like to know how I got the effect, send me a message. Just know you have to...

Tags: big, huge, long, fat, thick, monster, cock, dick, reactions
Quinum Tease
Added: 6th June 2013
Posted By: airbair1
Views: 926
Comments: 0

This was a short clip of Quinum's I had. I don't have the full video, so I made it loop. If anyone has this guys videos, please send me them. I am trying to collect them all.

Tags: quinum iodine85 big cock
proof of fake rubber cocks.
Added: 23rd December 2007
Posted By: Muhahaha
Views: 3413
Comments: 4

Now stop sending those fucking unreal clips

Tags: fake
Added: 03rd March 2008
Posted By: italianmegacock
Views: 1601
Comments: 4

Me and my big cock: do you like? Send me comments!

Tags: italianmegacock
Huge Twinkie
Added: 7th May 2008
Posted By: jedi77
Views: 7119
Comments: 5

If this cock is real, wow, that is one monster in this twinkie's pocket. Whoa... Let me know if it is REAL or FAKE... If real, send me a name, and I'll search for clips... THX

Tags: Huge Twinkie, Twink, monster, fake ?
Added: 18th June 2008
Posted By: HorseHung11
Views: 2052
Comments: 0

Video uploading now B4 sending a FRIEND REQUEST plz READ my profile, it will save us both a lot of time.