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Added: 5th July 2008
Posted By: dutchhungxxl
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Tags: monstercock big hung huge blowjob deepthroat
Twink Big and Hung
Added: 9th February 2009
Posted By: javlin
Views: 3350
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I don't think this is morphed, I bet this boy is fun in the sack

Tags: Twink Hung Soft
In Morpheus
Added: 26th September 2009
Posted By: Internationalmuscle
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Tags: dong long large xxl monster big hung
Out Of Control
Added: 3rd February 2013
Posted By: ninjaboi
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Testing Morph Limits

Tags: Believe It Or Not
Ameteur Home  Shoot  ...
Added: 29th May 2014
Posted By: Polesmoker1
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Big Fella. Could be morphed, I have no idea.

Tags: Hung Ameteur:
One  For  The  Wank  Files  ...
Added: 29th May 2014
Posted By: Polesmoker1
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Sexy Hung Model. My apologies if this has been morphed.
Have a Hot 'n' Horny Day My Friends.

Tags: Hung Model:
Kicking  Back  ...
Added: 29th May 2014
Posted By: Polesmoker1
Views: 1324
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Hot Man.
Could be morphed, I have no idea.

Tags: Hung:
Vintage  Porn  Model  Nero ...
Added: 29th May 2014
Posted By: Polesmoker1
Views: 782
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Pretty Sure This Isn't Morphed But I Could Be Wrong.

Tags: Hung Vintage Porn Model:
Morphed? Prolly.
Added: 23rd February 2015
Posted By: Karl_P
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in lust here, regardless

Tags: huge thick long veiny B&W jeans
Big Mac
Added: 10th January 2011
Posted By: AndyDC
Views: 5464
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Though never in the monstercock class, this switch-hitting stud was always a sizequeen favorite. In the early 1990s, after a few years of pounding pussy (mostly in Europe, often for 'Private') as Joey Verducci, he morphed into Mac Reynolds and did some notable gay4pay work in LA, mainly for...

Tags: Mac Reynolds Joey Verducci sucking fucking rimming
Billy has a big one
Added: 23rd August 2009
Posted By: papagallo222
Views: 43605
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Billy, a bespectacled, pleasantly goofy-looking kid, is proof that not all ectomorphic big-dicked twinks live in the UK! His jizz output is as modest as his cock is huge. Don't blink or you may miss the moneyshot. [This clip has the added plus of NOT being a repeat post--among many, many such.]

Tags: twink heavyhung cut glasses jerkoff
Added: 11th February 2009
Posted By: phreddie1
Views: 4185
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The answer is right in this nice little clip, which is seen much, much less frequently than the set of pix where Vincent's cock is notoriously morphed. Still, he's a very sexy guy with a nice uncut dick, so, if only because of his being a poster boy for morphed pix, he probably deserves to be...

Tags: Vincent Greco uncut jo