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Horny granny needs it big
November 21 2008 Horny granny needs it big
 I'm an attractive white woman in my 50s, large breasts and a shaved puss and I'm hungry for big cock and would especially enjoy big black cock. I imagine myself servicing a nice beefy black gentleman, kneeling between his legs, making sure I take good care of his huge, beautiful penis. Should he wish it, I would happily service his many hung friends, being sure to give them the same level of satisfaction I give my man.

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27 Jan 2009
You can suck my thick cock anytime hunni....its not black but its mega thick...take a look!!!

27 Nov 2008
My advice, for what it's worth, is to re-package yourself and your public image. Calling yourself a "granny" and giving your age as "in my 50's" is not a sexual turn on for most men, unless they are grand-daddies in their 50's or 60's. Your honesty, however, is commendable.

If I were you I would call myself "an attractive middle-aged lady", which you probably are. Nobody is going to ask you for ID to verify your age. Unfortunately for women, it's much easier for gay men, regardless of their age, to find monster cocks to suck on.

Probably advice from another experienced woman with your desires would be most helpful. If you're looking for gentlemen on Monstercocktube or elsewhere on the internet, a photo of yourself is very important to "hook up".

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