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Created: 21st June 2015
Status: Public

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This is a group for all my bros out there-- if you are like me, big, jacked, bodybuilder or just lift for fun, and if you're hung, GTFIH. We need you in this group to share stories, lifting routines, hot vids, and monster cock fantasies! Doesn't matter if you are gay, straight or bi (I'm straight), if you're a muscle bro and have a nice cock, you belong. Hung lifting men only; no fems or chicks.
Tags: muscle hung cock monstercock gay straight bi
Created: 31st May 2015

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Just text me when in my area
Tags: Berlin suck cum swallow face fuck deep throat
Created: 10th April 2015
Status: Public

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only dutch meat
Created: 6th April 2015
Status: Public

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Free for straight/single/married Aussie men 18-50 who enjoy a good mutual wank with another man or group of men in Sydney.
Tags: Aussie straight wank men group cum
Created: 22nd February 2015
Status: Public

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just a group perhaps to meet
Tags: gay,meetings,
Created: 1st February 2015
Status: Public

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Videos von BaitBus.com
Tags: gay, baitbus, cock, sucking, fuck, big dick
Created: 10th January 2015
Status: Private_owner_approval

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5 Psychological Levels Of A Relationship Split Most of us would never think that the ending of a relationship could cause the exact same type of mental pain as a departure, but the two are extremely similar in the ways it takes to get through them. There are distinct emotional amounts of a relationship break up. It's a really up and down time emotionally. Learning exactly what the amounts are and they are standard can assist you to cope with this particular difficult time that you experienced just a little easier. Here would be the love phrases If you are confronted with the situation that this person who you've shared so much of your daily life, and yourself, with doesn't want you anymore it can cause incredible pain and heartache. This pain will go up and down through the whole break up. Some days will likely be worse than others. It may seem difficult now but it will get better. 2.) Denial. Nearly all people merely can not actually believe that someone who they've shared so much with really doesn't need us anymore. It is quite difficult to hold love advice theory that this individual could walk away from this kind of good bond. You tell yourself that they are simply dealing with a stage and that they can get back on track shortly. The reality is they may, or they could not. You don't understand how long they have been thinking about ending the relationship. 3.) Wrath. When you have gotten over the initial shock and also you comprehend this is actually going to happen you will more than likely get angry, very mad. They'll never find anyone as good as me. These great love quotes thoughts when going through this amount of the break up. You're mad at them, at yourself, and if there was someone else mixed up in split you are extremely mad at them also. Many times this can be the most dangerous level of all. That is the level where people will do, or say, insane things that they'll be sorry for afterwards. That is the level where you've got to be quite careful to not let your anger get in the way of your good judgment. Also guard against your anger turning unconditional love quotes in case you get bitter you'll have a tough time ever finding happiness again. 4.) Acceptance. Now eventually, you'll be able to go forward. You are finally to the point at which you actually believe that you simply can be happy again. You understand that no matter what occurred in the break up you are a good person who is more than effective at giving and obtaining love and you're prepared to begin looking to do just that. 5.) Grief. You may grieve for the loss of the love and camaraderie you once phrases of love with your ex. That is exactly like the grief you'll have if someone close to you has expired. Again, this really is an entirely normal amount in the break up procedure. The mental degrees of a relationship breakup are inevitable. All of us go through them. There's absolutely no set time limit, or order, but just remember that all of the feelings are absolutely normal and that going through the stages is really helping you cleanse yourself of the emotional baggage so you could find love again with or without your
Created: 25th December 2014
Status: Public

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Proof that sometimes a sterotype is just that. Thick or long, gay or straight only the heaviest slices of Kobi Beef are in this group!
Tags: Asian, Japanese, Chinese, hung, huge cocks, gay, straight
Created: 29th November 2014
Status: Public

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Married, Bisexual, DL -str8 up real Men. Not into the lifestyle has something to loose in life. Men with girlfriends/ Wives, Kids, career. No soft, Fem. ,Confused boys Or anything In between. Keep it 100 and Be real to yourself ...Cause If your Soft of fem It'll all come to the light...Like a moth... Only SOFT Thing I'm into Is Pussy and That's Real... MD,DC & VA.... LIVE IN ACTION TWICE A MO. WE MEET UP AND DO WHAT REAL MEN DO...EIGHT MEN (FOUR TOP, TWO BOTTOMS, TWO VERS. Pre approval required..ONLY DL DISCRETE MARRIED MEN WITH SOMETHING TO LOSE...
Created: 6th November 2014
Status: Private_owner_approval

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