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Created: 4th July 2014
Status: Public

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I want to be true to myself. I honestly would LOVE to find myself kidnapped by these Horse Hung Black Studs and for my ransom I have to service each and every one of these hot man studs. I have to inhale long slow hits off the amyl nitrate and allow the cock hungry, cum thirsty, sword swallowing, ball draining suck slut to come out of me. I want to be fed one, two and even three of these big, beautiful, monster black cocks, to worshipfully and sluttishly suck, lick, mouth and deep throat their enormous cocks, having these men feed me their extra long, thick, hard, throbbing cocks, as I watch their meat slips past my stretched lips, inch, by hard, throbbing inch until my lips are wrapped around the base of their monster cocks. 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Created: 18th August 2013
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This is a group for my compilations of big dicks, geared mainly for gay eyes or those st8b eyes who admire big cocks too. I dont understand the difference between groups and playliists, so here I gather my compilations again.

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For Muscledudes Along Front Range of Colorado, Springs to Ft. Collins (Laramie!), endowed with Muscle and horsedick that like to show off and dig meeting, working out, getting it on and dicking around
Tags: muscle hunk, gay, dick, monstercock, nuts, armpits, flex, wank
Created: 9th September 2012
Status: Public

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monstercockland-members with the biggest tools inside! Tell me about your age, size and stories. so we get horny
Tags: big mandingo boy inch inches horse biggest wanking xxxl cm hughe dong monster
Created: 10th May 2012
Status: Public

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A celebration of some of the most heavily endowed young & hugely hung latin guys from around the world. There is someone here for everybody who likes a little mocha spice in their life. MUY CALIENTE!!!
Tags: pinga latin horse balls huge
Created: 5th May 2012
Status: Public

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a place to praise the horse hung white men, and there worshipers, nothing Better then compareing to a monster white cock and loseing.....
Created: 4th March 2012
Status: Public

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Tags: muscle monster cock boys love
Created: 20th June 2011
Status: Public

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For bottoms who love having sex with horse hung men.
Tags: horsehungmen, massive cocks, horsehung, xxl, supercocks
Created: 20th February 2011
Status: Public

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