tall guy bangs small girl

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big cock <br /> height diff

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by MackBridgman 6 years ago

Fe, fi, fo, funnnnnnnnnnnnn. She's not an Englishman... He needs a better mate for some really great sensual, sexual interaction...

by PlaidBoy 6 years ago

I love size difference stuff, straight or gay. This is great.

by bcnevada 6 years ago

Small girls are awesome to bang! You can easily pick them up and move them around to a lot of positions.

by seoulofathug 6 years ago

either he's a giant or she's a midget LOL

by rhodesjo 6 years ago

come on guys, if you're watching straight videos, don't spam with comments about how "man with man" is better. if you feel that way don't watch straight videos then... i'm just saying. personally I enjoy reading comments from other users who share my interests. this site is for both straight and gay fans.

by wiggyx 6 years ago

@MackBridgman - Seriously?! Get over yourself, fruitcake.

by exumatrip 6 years ago

waste of time.. normal cock

by elansvc 6 years ago

He's really far from a MonsterCock, but I really liked him, and this.

by aecollector 6 years ago

useless cocksucker, ffs!

by skorpionkub 6 years ago

why dont women know how to suck cock and why do straight guys put up with it?