Wrist-thick webcam

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Young man from Puerto Rico shows off his wrist-thick cock. A small cumshot at the end. No audio. Typical (bad) webcam video quality. His cam4 name is alexandron.

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by jei5003 8 years ago

It says PR if its true I have plenty of space that he can call home....

by idl 8 years ago

is this that dude "horsehung" from Sean Cody? Fucking hot! I wish he'd make way way way way more vids!

by FuzzyKen 8 years ago

With this cock who's going to look at much anything else?

by adriano93500 8 years ago

Has anybody the same problem : after 3 attempts I can t see more than the first 4 min?

by BRICAL3 8 years ago

Ill pitch in for the webcam. We can start a charity. 'Webcams for the horsehung poor'.

by royboy361 8 years ago

My ass just wimpered at the sight of that thing.

by MeatStick 8 years ago

so sick of the morons and their comments as if they were actually talking to and attempting to direct the people in the videos. not one of these videos are uploaded by the people in them.


by czarodziej 8 years ago

damn, i wish he hadn't shown his fucked up face... still, MONSTER cock- love it. damn that thing looks the same size as his forearm. poor kid just needs a haircut and contacts... or a paper bag

by gottabehuge 8 years ago



by steve2009 8 years ago

his cock looked big at certain angles, when he stood up it never looked as big as when he was lying down but overall hes got a pretty dig dick, would love to have a go on it!