mandingo's full erection

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best erect scene ever

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by ben212us 3 years ago

There it is the hottest sexiest cock in the world. Now if he could just cum lik peter north

by saladtosser 8 years ago

I wouldn't exactly call that a scene...just a shot really. Nice dick though!

by ulysses 8 years ago

where is this from?

by Kazon 9 years ago

Mandingo is amazing....i jus wanna fuck him and watch him suck his own dick. Thats whats up

by jayco4 9 years ago

i want to see him suck it with her.

by anonymous 9 years ago

i want him on my ass NOW!!!!!

by draggen74 10 years ago

I wanna be her!!

by anonymous 10 years ago

Mandingo's cock is truely amazing, but his cum shots are always pants!! And he uses Viagra to get it up, thats why u dont really ever see him soft much!!

by hungvoyeur 10 years ago

without fail - this man's monster massive cock amazes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by bartonside 10 years ago

The real thing! Big, black and beautiful! His long, straight cock is really amazing - and it is always so hard too.