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Big clip---Rod Spunkel02

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by anonymous 2 years ago

I would tend to agree with hotboy007 - Rod appears to be basically straight.. but really wants to make a living in the porn business. I've seen the vid, which appears here from time to time, of some guy giving him proper head. And he's not a bad looking guy either.. but if he's going to sell that cock to keep a roof over his head, he's going to have to be a little more open to selling it to All bidders.

by bitchboy 2 years ago

He's a complete asshole.

by hotboy007 2 years ago

Rod has done a number of gay vids, but only getting sucked by a guy. He hasnt so far topped a guy, but he will sooner or later. he is getting fat and flabby, with his monster cock being the only thing extraordinary on him. A thick cocked white top is very appealing to gay guys, but nothing special to the straight porn. So stay tuned for Rod splitting some guy's ass soon

by logan_ge2 3 years ago

es gay ? o bisexual ?

by TRANSEX-PORCA 3 years ago


by acepmem 4 years ago


by acepmem 4 years ago

Rod Spunkel02

by Joe0021 4 years ago

Nice set of nuts

by blondmusl 4 years ago


by bottomdutch 4 years ago

goodlooking guy
great body
great leggs
awesome cock
he is just a perfect guy
compliment for this video

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