Fuck in Hotel

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Sex tasty in a hotel room. A delight of foda before sleeping.

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by beachound 9 years ago

I have creamed many times looking at pics and vids of Jon King. What a hottie he was!!!

by skiptillman 9 years ago


by novabone 9 years ago

I love a verbal moaning bottom. : P

by scottymm2 9 years ago

The video is called "Screenplay"
...the whole flic is hot beyond belief!

by 9 years ago


by Dboyhot 9 years ago

Both guys make me horney they have some hot bush and peks to make me cum for days. wouldn't mind any of those cocks being forced anywhere on me nice and thick too

by random_ass 9 years ago

How did they die? They look so young and if it was 22 years old they still would've been young!!!

by bignfun 9 years ago

That's Jon King and Lee Ryder (both unfortunately dead now for over 10 years). I think it might be an old (86 or so) Falcon film...

by howdoulikeit 9 years ago


by dalton66 9 years ago

WOW....WOW....WOW! Love this....please, what is the name of this video?