Massive Top - ID anyone?

Just found this video. I know, a bit short. But I love the cock of the black fucker. Can you ID him, that I can search for a longer video? Or maybe upload longer videos of him?

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by bbdl12 8 months ago

Mmmmm I'd? love to feel TBs huge black cock stretching my ass and pumping me full of his seed!!

by partyon43 8 months ago

by ucniner 8 months ago

I love that Armond can't get enough of that massive treetrunk Texas Bull is reaming him with. Their MF encounter is even better since AR provides oral services before TB pops him in every position possible.

by gumtree 8 months ago

texas bull

by FreakMuscleXXL 8 months ago

Cool, Thanks a lot for your help!

by Polesmoker1 8 months ago

No Idea Sorry Bro, But He Sure Is Packin'