Big, thick and heavy monstermeat

I would say this guy is the straight and latin version of Big Eddie, though not as long and not as muscled, but he indeed has a lot of volume in that uncut monsterdick, which appears enhanced. Silicone enhancement? I dont know, but he does need some tape to keep it erect enough to fuck. But he does get to fuck both a vagina and and an ass, unlike Eddie's swinging schlong which is to be watched and played with but not fucked with. Judging by his accent, I can say that the owner of this gigantic penis is Argentinian.

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by Boomber_man 10 months ago

That's what I call a cock

by Pumperaid 11 months ago

Can't get enough of this super sized cock. Fantastic piece of meat

by Pumperaid 11 months ago

Soooo hot. That dick is staggering!!!

by Ringmaster 11 months ago

SOO FUCKING HOT. bigger is best

by ikarooz 11 months ago


by morphsville 11 months ago

Get this joke off.

by Mikle34 11 months ago

Awful and redicolous

by maxcock 11 months ago

One of the dumbest fucking thing I've ever seen. Why would anyone want to have a retard worthless cock. You are eigther gifted with a working huge cock or your not. This idot can't fuck or cum with that infected member.... and why would you want to tape your cock, really......

by mulder 11 months ago

Schrecklich! Was soll denn sowas?

by dogstar101 11 months ago

That is the first time I have seen tape used on a silicone dick. Turned me on seeing him try to get inside her.