Shane Diesel Coaches Rilynn Rae & Her Mom

I actually loved this scene. I love the fantasy scenario it presents and I really became inundated in it. Rilynn Rae is smokin' hot...her mom, ehhh. But the thought of a student wanting to fuck her high school coach, then finding out he has a giant Rilynn's mom shows up, but she isn't angry..she allows Rilynn to fuck her long as he wears a condom. When she gives him a condom to put on, it doesn't even come close to fitting. Oh well. Also, was that a fart at 16:12? Lol!

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by bcnevada 1 year ago

Now, only BBC will ever satisfy them.

by E39M5 2 years ago

"I didn't know you could take dick"... BWHAHAHAHA

by bcnevada 5 years ago

That is so awesome when they try to fit the regular condom on his massive cock! It can't even be stretched over his cock head at all!