Mandingo & Abigaile Johnson

Maybe one of his best. I love this vid.

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by gd123 4 years ago

He's 5ft3, sorry but his dick is 9 inches at most

by rippedbulge 5 years ago

And he's not 12 inches...cameras do wonders.

by 2029880 5 years ago

Good camera work i would say, MrMe - swindle some others would say (but who cares ?).

by MrMe24 5 years ago

Is It me, or did that thing get even bigger?

by ikarooz 5 years ago

we are so fortunate to see his perfect, AWESOME cock, on a regular basis. DAMN

by Tibzi 5 years ago

Great piece of FUCKING man....nice one......

by atc 5 years ago

Wow that is one of the best Mandingo scene ever ! Thanks

by steelix 5 years ago

that thing is huge! Im only 7.5 wish i was 12!