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Gloryhole Suck

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by bgrod4u 5 years ago

Very hot. The video shows what true cock sucking worship is all about.

by HockMyHole 5 years ago

love it

by HockMyHole 5 years ago


by iamflesh 8 years ago

super sexy

by uncutwil 8 years ago

Most awesome uncut tool worship, good job

by thomlano 9 years ago

I would have this for my three meals aday!

by wixi 9 years ago

great video, happy gloryhole sucker

by omniberdache 9 years ago

Yep, I discovered my first G-Hole in my early years at a local K-Mart in Louisville, Ky. I was hooked. I hit 18 and was able to enter the adult bookstores, I was evil incarnate (in the most delightful way), spent the whole day there, G-Hole heaven without the scare factor. This flick brought back great memories. I'm adding this to favorites.

by samjob314 9 years ago

i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by crazy4cock 9 years ago

Terrific! Don't know how I missed this one 'back then.' Reminds me of Tom Caserta's great 'Mandom' videos from the late 80s--now hard to find & when found, copied poorly.