Bath, bed and beyond 1

Erik Bouna starts sucking Trevor Yates's monstershlong while still in the tub. But the action soon moves into the bedroom, and from there the two of them take off for paradise together. Erik, a dedicated cocksucker and natural bottom, makes an ideal partner for BA's undisputed 'size' champ--and Trevor, for his part, seems more turned on by Eric than he has been with other BA guys. [This scene was too good to trim down, so I've split it into two parts. The second segment will follow as quickly as I can upload it to the site. In other words, TO BE CONTINUED!]

Comments (6)

by SeekingSuperHung 6 years ago

Trevor looks soooooo much hotter now that he's gained some weight/muscle and is starting to fill out like a man. Awesome vid!

by bobcollins 6 years ago

like to eat his brist & spew!

by longhaired 6 years ago

I don;t know if I could get Trevor's cock in my mouth, but, I would love to try, and I know I could ride that humongous rod for hours. Wish he would have fucked the other guy. That would have bee soooo hot.

by Ramparts 6 years ago

nice dick...creepy face

by jamesdee 6 years ago

make that double WOW.....yes sir..trevor has one mean beautiful cock!!!!.........MORE please.

by dinolino30 6 years ago

In a word, WOW!