Johnny Sins Solo

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Johnny Sins Solo

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by NJbiGuy 7 years ago

He's extra salty & I <3 bald sexy guys

by lezcjose 7 years ago


by argus3906 7 years ago

Johnny Sins fan or not, I'm happy to see that All-American-Heroes has had at least ONE other guy whose genuine straightness I can actually believe in besides the incomparably studly Officer Jake. (Sigh...) Oh, and I guess we could include one other: that big-dicked marine whose fuzzy motel 6 video launched the site years & years ago.)

by Tez1111 7 years ago

he would look 100 times sexier with some hair

by tjbrighton 7 years ago

That is a cock to get fucked with...just the right size and shape...slides in nice and easy...but reaches all the right parts!!! HOT xx

by marinedick8 7 years ago

nice body but aveage cock

by bilesj 7 years ago

He usually looks so ripped that he's gaunt and skinny. Here he looks a lot better with a little flesh on his bones.

by elansvc 7 years ago

I agree with Rocco and bigdonato, Johnny never really did much for me, since his cock lacks any heft. BUT, it's SO wonderful to see something fresh (he do have a purty asshole!!!) that I have to give this five stars.
Sometimes having 56 posts of good quality trumps having, let's say 958 posts that are tired, old reposts.

by Octavianeu 7 years ago

Wow,, I felt as if we just hit the POWERBALL!! haha!! Sin in a solo? This is going in my file of Julian Rios Solo's also!! Wow,, What eyes and face he has!!

by glenmavis 7 years ago

such a sexy hot stud. A real turn on.